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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  September 13, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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there is om one more day in the race to d.c. mayor? now a new controversy brewing out of the convince the gray's camp. we'll talk about bribery claims and who is claiming responsibility. a huge night at the mtv video music awards for lady gaga but she was not the only one in the spotlight. why all eyes were also on
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taylor swift and kanye west. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >> it was a hail mary or a kneel down and it will be the former, if anything. and new you got a little sideways -- and the ball is loose. lost the ball. deangelo hall in the end zone. >> times that is all it takes. that is what did it for the redskins with the big opening win against the dallas cowboys. >> welcome back on this monday, september 13th. a beautiful morning out there as we take a live look over washington, d.c. and actually pretty cool looking. i think is that fog that is coming in right now? >> kind of creepy actually. >> i know that will be sticking around if a while. >> yeah. good morning. next couple of hours. got a dense fog advisory that just went into effect, not here in town but out to the west. it will take a couple of hours. our winds are light so we have
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to mix up the atmosphere and it will take some sunshine to do that. we have a few more hours with fog. a nice-looking forecast. let's get to it. we'll start with a look at our dense fog advisory. this was issued just a couple of minutes ago by service. counties out to the west including portions of maryland and north central virginia. close-in counties here in washington not under the dog fog advisory but you can see from the live shot, we are getting some fog. it will take some sunshine to work the fog out of the picture. by mid- to late morning, we'll start to see sunshine across the area. againly a good-hooking forecast. currently, 64 degrees at reagan national. -- generally, a good-looking forecast. warm than yesterday. rain showers have since departed to the east and it will be a nice couple of days
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around here with our trend to be lots of sunshine later this afternoon and temperatures in the low 80s. if you are going to the beaches next weekend, we'll talk about that coming up. but that is not for today. >> we see where your head is actually. >> yes, i'm still there. >> understandable. let's check in with julie wright and get a look at traffic. >> not locking so bad. the lane are open if you are traveling down south at the wilson bridge. top stretch. beltway behaving nicely. no incidents reported leaving college park working your way past university boulevard and continuing around towards georgia avenue. traffic volume moving at speed. it is northbound i-95. we mentioned this crash earlier north of baltimore. that is where we have the jackknifed tractor-trailer involved in an accident. it is leaking some fuel so the northbound lanes of 95 are now shut down over at the chesapeake house as you travel northbound on i-95. a lot of bailout traffic now bailing out in perryville where
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the outlets are. no incidents to report south of clarksburg to the lane divide. traveling 395 leaving duke street being volume still good to go here. remember, there is a change in that traffic pattern across the 14th street bridge this morning. now, all traffic has shifted to right as you work your way across the potomac. no longer are the lanes divided. >> that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. just one full day of campaigning left in the race for d.c. mayor. but while the candidates are stumping for votes, there is controversial swirling over claims that some early voters were promised gift cards. this hidden camera video surfaced online. it of his brought to our attention by a fenty supporter. the "washington post" reports cora masters barry is claiming responsibility for handing out gift cards. she claims it was a grassroots voter participation effort and was not meant to benefit either campaign. but on the campaign trail, both leading democratic candidates talked about the tape. >> this has been an unusual
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campaign to say the least. let me say again i certainly don't condone vote buying. you go out and you try to influence people in term of your agenda. >> campaigns have issues that come up like this. i for one am glad national board of elects and the united states attorneys are investigating t i think that is the proper thing for them to do. i'm going to spend the last 48 hours of the campaign talking to voters about everything we've accomplished and how that make me the best candidate to do so again for four more years. >> the polls in both d.c. and maryland are open tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. new this morning, police are investigating a homicide in fairfax county. it happened in springfield just after 10:00 last night in the # 800 block of field masters drive. police a someone broke into a man's house and then shot and killed him. police believe he was targetedded and that there is no danger troaft public.
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the victim's identities that not yet been released. a villaent dogfight turns deadly at the adams morgan day festival as d.c. police shot and killed a pit bull after it asked a poodle. witnesses say the dog were just passing by each other. bistand ares tried to separate them. eventually the officer threw the by pitt bull down some stairs and shot it. the fbi now joining the investigate into shots fired into the home of two police officers in kal vrt county, maryland. detectives say they do have a suspect in custody. at least 15 shots were fired into the homes which were about a mile and a half part in the chesapeake ranch estates area. investigators think the shootings may be gang-related. our other top stories, a 28- foot section of the ruptured gas pipeline from san bruno, california is being shipped here to washington this morning where investigators will analyze it and try to figure out what caused a massive explosion.
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thursday's blast killed at least four people and injured 60. this morning, several people remain unaccounted for. in colorado, there is a second wildfire burning this morning near loveland. it has destroyed at least one home and forced hundreds of people to evacuate. fire crews had to be diverted to that fire from the other wildfire that is burning 35 miles away near boulder. the fire there has destroyed more than 160 homes. we haven't been able to say this in a while but the are skins are undefeated. the burgundy and gold beat the cowboys last night in the season opener 13-7. big play came when deangelo hall was able to pick up the full bell and take it back for a touchdown. dallas did have a chance to win it at the end but a holding penalty wiped out this potential touchdown on the final play of the game. >> it was a nice team win.
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as i told our players, i said sometimes the offense is going to play good. other times the defense and special teams. but you got to find a way to win. >> i had some big plays in my career but i don't think i ever that h. that big play in the redskins uniform so it felt real good. >> the redskins face off against the houston texans next sunday at next fedex field. they are coming off a big win over the colts yesterday. >> hopefully we can keep it going. still ahead ark harrowing ordeal for 33 miners still trapped -- still ahead, a harrowing ordeal for 33 miners still trapped underground in chile.
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a missouri boy is lucky to
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be alive after falling 15 feet down a manhole. it happened in kansas city. the five engineered went to take a peek under the manhole, pulled off the cover and fell in. his parents called 911 and high pressure was on the scene within minutes p firefighters were able to get under the dock where he fell an bring him back up. thankfully, he suffered only bumps and bruises. a setback in the latest efforts to free 33 miners trapped 2300 feet below ground in chile. three tunnels are being drilled but the country's minister says the head on the most advanced drill broke off after it struck an iron support beam inside the mountain t should not affect the time line to get the miners out by december. plan c is to use an oil well drill. that would take about two weeks to set up but could reach the men within 45 days. saturday marks the ninth anniversary of the september 11th attacks. yesterday, a group called relidge occupation freedom usa organized a march near ground zero in new york. they paused to commemorate
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those killed on september 11th. they are also marching in the flame of religous freedom. summer is winding down and so are those warmer temperatures. here is a live lack outside right now -- here is a live look outside right now. when we come back, tucker will have a look at the forecast and we'll have a look at traffic also. the most popular music stars came together for the most popular video music awards. find out who won big. we just gave you a big hint. a
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welcome back. >> a nice fall-like morning. >> temperatures in the 50s and
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60s. got some fog moving in from the west. let's get right to and we'll give you the latest here. we have a dense fog advisory rough will you stretching from hagerstown down to central and northern sections of virginia. can you see the big cities of baltimore and washington. we are not under the dense fog sites. doesn't mean you won't see some closer to town. the worst of, it the visibility are lowest out to the west. going to take a couple of hour here to mix up the atmosphere. we need the sunshine to start to mix the atmosphere as winds aren't much of a help here. very still air here. we had about 2/3 of an un. of rain. here are the wind speeds. nothing happening out to the west. zero in fredericksburg, frederick. winchester, hagerstown. that helps contribute to the fog development t . it will be with us through mid-morning. we'll be warmer too with highs
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back into the mid-80s. 61 in gaithersburg. frederick, 59. hagerstown, 5 # degree. there is your cool start. definitely a fall-like feel to the day here. 63 in annapolis. 59 in leonardtown. satellite-radar, we've got generally clear skies. next couple of days. it will feature high pressure building in from the north and west. it should be a good-looking afternoon forecast with sunshine as mentioned. not only today but the next several days. winds out of the west at about 10 miles per hour. once we get rid of the fog, nice-looking forecast. look at the five-day forecast, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. bright sunshine, highs in the upper 70s to about 08. our next chan for any rain does not get in here until friday. highs in the low 80s. that will do it for weather. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright has the latest for us. >> got some problems right now, tucker barnes, if you are traveling in virginia. southbound i-95 right here in lorton. accident activity has the two right lanes closed. this is in the southbound side. so for you guys leaving springfield in the direction of woodbridge, this is what is going to tie up your drive. coming northbound on 95, lanes
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are open and slow coming across the occoquan. southbound 270, no accidents to report. slowing down here out of hyattstown. update on 95 north of bald at the chesapeake house. crash that involved the jackknifed tractor-trailer, you will find one lane to the left getting by. >> it was a star-stud ad fair. last night's vmas in los angeles. >> here is a list of some of the nice big winnerss. best female video went to lady gaga for bad romance. the best male video went to emmemorandum for not afraid. justin beebe took it home to best new artist.
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also with lady gaga was david hall, an air force staff sergeant who was discharged under the don't ask, don't tell poll si. we'll discuss the positive gains on wall street when we come back. plus the latest items on congress' agenda, tax cut extension. we'll have the latest in business beat coming up in just a bit.
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bankers are welcome backing up to new rules from bank regulators. central banger around the globe including tim geithner wrapping i'm meeting in switzerland. they have agreed to make big banks keep more cash in reserve. banks are warning the new rules will cut down on the number of loans they can make. here in washington, we are keeping an eye on what moves congress may or may not take before the elections. adam shapiro joins us with more. it is nine months into the year
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and we are finally starting to look at some positive territory. >> yeah, if you consider being up 3/10 of a percent. trying to think positive. >> try to think positive for the year. our 401(k)s on need some antidepressant right now. we are still down considerably from the peak almost three years ago of market. we closed up friday across the board but, while the dow is in positive territory for 2010, the knack as well as the s&p 500 are not. they are still in negative territory for the year. we have a long way to go to recover. but look, futures this morning or pointing in the right direction, positive and europe is very positive on news that you just mentioned, the agreement over new bank regulations. >> we'll take the little step if we can get them. here in washington, we like to talk politics and we are focusing on congress. do you think congress will make any significant moves before the election? >> it is interesting because
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john boehner threw a curveball to the administration. this is being set up as the administration verses the republicans in the form of john boehner. boehner yesterday said we would like to he can tin the tax cuts for all americans but if the best we can do is what the administration is proposing and i'm he paraphrasing what he said here, he will go along with t that throws a curveball to the obama administration. but will they do something before the november #nd elections? call satan and ask if the air conditioning is on. in other words, probably way not. >> let's go back and talk about what happened in europe that you said spurred the markets there. anything significant we will feel out of that. >> the banking regulations get very complex. but for you and me, what the analysts are saying is that with these new stricter regulations because the banks will have to keep a lot more money on hand, we can expect it even tougher to get a loan in
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the if you few thank you. we can expect to see new fees when we apply for a moon -- for a loan and get a new loan. >> we'll just celebrate the that 3/10% of gain right now. dave ross here to play monday morning quarterback. a redskins-cowboys recap coming up. plus a look at the season ahead. that is all coming up when fox 5 morning news continues. 
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we turn to the race for d.c. mayor. let's get to that in a minute. let's check in with tucker barnes for a look at the forecast. >> lets he get right to it. >> it feels good out there. >> it feels great. temperature in the 50s and 60s. before a dense fog advisory out to the west.
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visibility is less than a quarter of a mile in some spots. generally speaking, should be a great-looking forecast for a monday. high temperatures back into the 80s so about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. currently, 50s an low 60s. 64 here in town. one of the warmer spots. 61 in frederick. 54 for you in winchester. 63 in ocean city. two things going on here. we have the low-level fog. you can't see that on the radar but trust me, it's out there. it will take a couple of hours for the winds to mix up the sunshine t will take sunlight to mix up the atmosphere and burn off the fog. the fog will stick with us probably through mid-morning. we'll see bright sunshine. 82 with sunshine by 5:00 p.m. this afternoon.
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more details on the forecast. it is a good-looking workweek. before a weather guy coming up, agood question in just a minute. >> great. thank you. that fog could be quite an issue for drivers out there during the morning commute. let's see how things are looking so far. julie wright, what's up? >> well, obviously, not the crew in sky fox because of that fog you just mentioned. that is hintedderring their visibility. -- that is hindering their visibility. we do have the crash here in lorton southbound. a tow truck is on the scene. v-d.o.t. with the variable message sign, state trooper, all of that. the two right lanes remain closed as you travel southbound 95 working your way south of newington and headed down towards the exits in lorton. northbound on 95, everything is open. you do find slow traffic leaving dale city head ad cross the occoquan. northbound traffic is rubbernecking past the accident scene on the southbound side. the inner loop of the beltway slowing briefly at 236. for those traveling south on 27
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0bg lanes are open out of germantown. no problems to report head the out towards mva. traffic will slow again as you leave montrose road headed for the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now, we can turn to the mayor's race. in the district, new claims about a controversial effort to push early voting. the "washington post" reports cora masters barry is claiming responsibility now for rewarding voters with gift cards. stacy cohan is on the story and join us live from northwest d.c. >> reporter: good morning. if you are interested in early voting today, this is the place to come, one judiciary scare right down here, the board of elects is where it all started when they began the early voting just a couple of weeks ago. this will be the last opportunity to get an opportunity to get in their early vote before the big primary day tomorrow. this race has been very bit are and hard -- very bitter and
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hard fought up until the end. we do have undercover video of this alleged gift card incident where people were handing out gift cards in exchange for votes. this video was sent to us by a fenty supporter. there were original claims that perhaps the gray campaign had been using this as a tax take to buy those, those claims coming from some inside the fenty campaign. the "washington post" is claiming that cora masters barry is claiming responsibility saying she was just trying to get out the vote. another instance that has included a bit of mud slinging on both sides and bitter right up until the end with the incumbent mayor, mayor fenty becoming the underdog. we saw this pickup truck pull up here and it is loaded with gray signs. i can't quite imagine where the campaign worker is going to find space to put those signs as just about every square inch of real estate in this part of
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town is consumed by a sign for fenty, gray or a d.c. council member running for office. this is expected to be quite a business bizy day tomorrow as we will finally learn would will win this mayoral contest. back to you. in other primary election news, outgoing prince george's county executive jackson son has made awe public endorsement of sheriff michael jackson to replace him. johnson's endorsement of jackson came on the same day that the "washington post" endorsed jackson's main opponent. three others are running for the position which johnson is vacating because of term limits. the polls in d.c. and maryland open at 7:00 a.m. and will be open until 8:00 tomorrow night. members of the tea party come together in a push for change. marchers gathered in d.c. over the weekend and have walked from the white house to the capitol. the focus was to reduce big government and they want a conservative approach to
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running the country in the future. one man who feels very passionate about the direction of the country explained why he came out for the rally. >> my grandkids, my kids. >> for the first time in my life, i have been afraid of my government. that is the reason. i think if we don't stand up for it, it is not going to get any better. >> many who participated in sunday appear event say they hope the passion they saw will also find its way into the voting booth come november. new this morning, a homicide investigation in fairfax county. it happened in the 6800 block of field master drive. police say somebody broke into a man's house and shot and killed him. police believe he was targeted. they say there is no danger to the public. a pretty scary scene at the annual adams morgan day festival. a dogfight set off a deadly
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police shooting. an officer shot and killed a pit bull who list a attacked and killed a poodle. witnesses say the two dogs were just passing by each other. bystanders tried on separate the two dog but an officer eventually stepped in and shot the dog. two calvert county police officers have their homes shot at over the weekend and now police have a suspect in custody this morning. charges are pending we understand. they have been looking into two shootings in the chesapeake ranch estates area of lusby on friday and saturday. bullets were found in the homes of two different police officers. police think the shootings could be connected to recent arrests of more than a dozen gang members. jail guards alerted detectives about threats made against deputies and state troopers. a big season opener for the redskins who toppled dallas last night. dave ross is here with more on the game last night.
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so the bottom line redskins 1-0 on the season, dallas, 0-1. great numbers. >> great numbers. this is the exactly the start the washington redskins had to have. they put up a lot of i guess you would say anticipating for the game. all week long, he they held rallies, if you hate dallas, you need to honk your hon. they did a lot of things to get the fan base riled up for this one. 90,000 last night at next fedex field. let's take a look at what i thought was the key play before the end of the first half. the redskins were up 3-0. why the cowboys are calling this play, i don't know. a little flip pass and deangelo hall, that is great hustle. that is a guy not giving up on i play. ripping the ball out of his hands and taking it back and nice somber salt at the end for style point as well to put the skins up 10-0 which ultimately led to them winning this game. if you take another look being there is no need. this what is gets coaches fired in the nfl and wade phillips
6:38 am
could be looking for new work which would be uglier, the dave ross somersault or the somersault? >> an to tony romo. >> even he has to know to tax a knee. when you do something like that, bad things are going to happen. nothing good to come out of that play except for the washington redskins. if you want to ache a look at the last play of the game, have you ever seen a half to end that way and game to end like this. you see brian orakpo coming up the field. tony gets around there, find roy williams. cowboys win 14-13 and they rein the heart out of the redskins. what we didn't see there is what we'll see here.
6:39 am
if you watch closely on the play, lower half the scene, baron is filling in at right tackle for the cowboys. he put a choke hold on brian orakpo. people said you can't call holing to end the game you absolutely can and you must. that is what this was. take one closer look. what you thought was interesting about what he dids he went to the other side. excuse me. trent william had a great game in his rookie game, his first game ever. head to move ware to the other side. >> that is another great sign for the redskins. my props go out to the fans who were there almost 1 hours after the parking lots opened and were still in the seats. >> don haven't mcnabb being his debut very much hyped. numbers weren't outstanding but a lot of people talked about
6:40 am
the change in philosophy and the change in the play. >> i don't know that they win this game last year with jason campbell. there is something intangible that he brings and that is something that they haven't had. no turnovers, steve. that is the biggest much. grade fade. should have been his first touch downpass. couldn't hold onto that one. that is what he gives you, leadership and wins. >> we like that. thank you. >> see you next hour. new developments in the aftermath of that massive gas explosion. the deadly flames lit up the sky and destroyed dozens of homes. now, the investigate is under way. we'll get a full report on that? >> what did you have for dinner last night. how about 47 burritos. meet the competitive eater who scarfed them down in record time. c
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a 28-foot section of the
6:44 am
ruptured gas pipeline that led to this huge blast in san bruno, california the other night that, section of pipe is now being shipped here to washington this morning where investigators will analyze it and try to figure out what caused this pliewj explosion that led to all these fires. blast on thursday kill at least four people. some are still missing. 60 people have been hurt so far. some emotional moments yesterday as some residents got to go back to their homes or what was left of them for the first time. >> windows were cracking and i hay fireball melted to blinds. i grabbed the dog. i wanted kleenex. i know it is going to be emotional. and i know other people have suffered so much more. >> later today, city and county officials will meet with residents would owned the 37 home that were destroyed. swiss diplomats are make ago arrangements to may a half
6:45 am
million in bail for release of the iranian hiker. they are freeing sarah show at the end of ramadan. she is reportedly ill and has received no medical attention. she and two others say they accidentally crossed into iran on a hike. work is under way to tree 3 # miners trapped underground in childee. the head on the most advanced drill broke off after it struck an iron support beam inside the mountain. it should not affect the time line to get the miners out by temperature. plan c is to use an oil well drill that. would take about two week to set up but they could reach the men within 45 days. we all know from the late night snacks that one burrito alone can be very filling. imagine eating 47 of them in one sitting. imagine being around that person for a few hours
6:46 am
afterwards. this is what eating champ joey chestnut did at a burrito eating contest at the mexico state fair. at least he got a cool hat. yesterday, he managed to scarf down those burritos in just 10 minutes. he took home $1,500 in prize money. >> the tums waiting right next to him. >> he is the one that sonya thomas just beat out for the chicken wing title. >> how many can you eat? >> one or two. >> i've seen you throw down more than that? >> not 47. that is for sure. let's get to the weather and we've got some fog out there. out to the west, dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. visibilities have been reduced to a quarter mile or less in some spots including places like dulles. generally here from hagerstown, frederick, across northern sexes of maryland down into central and western sections of -- north central sections of virginia here. dense fog advisory until 9:00. does not include washington or baltimore. doesn't mean we're in the getting a little fog creeping in close to the cities as well.
6:47 am
we don't have anything to whip up the atmosphere. it will take a little while for the sunshine to do its trick and get the fog out of here. nice cool start to the day. it feels like fog out there in places like manassas. 57 out at dulles. 57 in martinsburg. # 0 now in quantity i -- 60 now in quantico. sunshine is in order for our monday. i know it is not out there right now with the low clouds an fog but generally seeking much improvement in the fog over yesterday. the rain is out of here, off to the north and west. the cold front will get through here tonight. a reinforcing shot of cool are and drier air. that will set us up for a fantastic week weather-wise. high temperatures, about 80
6:48 am
degrees. good-hooking forecast for the next couple of days. early fog and sun later. here is a look at your five-day forecast. the next several days, couldn't be nicer. overnight tonight, 66789 # 0 tomorrow, upper 70s on wednesday. thursday, 80 degrees. our next chance for any shower activity does not get here until friday. 90s out of here. it will feel like fall for the next several days. this is a great question. it is time now for ask the weather guys. except it's only one weather guy because tony is sleeping in because he went to the redskin game. he texted me he's like i'm having a great time. i'm like i'm going to bed. we we are your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. today's question comes from and i'm quoting carter here. he calls this the best ask the
6:49 am
weather guy question ever. why are there just as many dallas cowboy fans as there are washington redskin fans in the d.c. area? the dallas cowboys do not have any cx to this area and there was no mass migration of people from dallas to d.c. that i am aware of. i have lived here since 1971 and it has always been this way. why? why? why? it is really annoying that. is carter's opinion. >> can i take a stab at this. >> first let me just say. on the beltway about 5:00, 6:00, there were a lot of cars with cowboy fans. they had cowboy flags flying and the banners all over the place. amazing. >> i would be interested to see going back to 19716789 can't go back that far -- >> oh, sure you can. >> abiocor there are as many cowboys fans as redskins fans. >> and they are loud and
6:50 am
boisterous. >> they are incredibly annoying. we don't like to sit close to them. >> here is the deal. this is what i have heard from people who i know who are dallas fans in some cases. i think that period where the redskins were not winning super bowls, dallas was the team. they were america's team. people wantedded to latch onto them. >> can i just follow that up quickly? >> i agree with steve. i was here in the '70s. there were a lot of cowboy fans. i looked back at the records during the '70s. the cowboys were 136-38. they had many winning years. and they became the heart throbs of america. >> has why the yankees as you say, the most championships in baseball, by far the biggest fan base in baseball and probably in all sports. cowboys the same deal. and in the 70s, when you had the cowboys and steelers, baseball was the national pass time for the long he have time. it was when the cowboys and steelers took crpt are stage in
6:51 am
the '70s that all of mark was captivated. i remember at a very young age, i said dad, who do we root for. said you never root for the steelers. you root for anybody playing the steelers. cowboys happened to be playing the steelers. >> should we get julie's twisted logic on this? >> no, we don't want to talk to julie. >> you don't want follow a loser. >> other cities, lots of cowboy fans? >> i think so. you go across country for the cowboys. you will find them everywhere. you will find them in arizona. you will find them in new york, everywhere. >> we keep cutting them out of the shot. >> julie, your turn to weigh in on the losers. >> i agree with what you are saying. we live some d.c. we are a melting pot for everybody. so there is a lot of -- >> not a lot of rams fans here. >> jaguar fans aren't going
6:52 am
crazy every sunday. >> i think the only lions fan i know is my friend donnie simpson. i grew up in a family of cowboys fans. i can't remember not being a cowboys fan and everyone always says but you are not from dallas. it doesn't matter. this is what we grew up with and believe in. after last night's game, i'm he kind of questioning. >> hard to break the family ranks when it is passed down. >> unlike tucker, i wasn't here in the '70s. >> you were here on planet earth. >> if you want answers, go to and click on the weather tab and you can ask a question. >> every cowboy fan, they are all disapintded this more than. that is the way we like it. >> take that. >> that is why i got on
6:53 am
waterproof mascara, thank you. -- they are all disappointed this morning. >> top side outer loop, below speed trying to get past colesville road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we are talking music, fashion and icons. the stars out in full force. >> the night saw a huge performance, a few wisecracks and an on-camera truce. mary ann rafferty has more. >> reporter: eminem and rihanna got the crowd going at the start of this year's vma's. the performances kept on coming with usher and justin bieber. the teen heartthrob later won for best new artist. >> thank you so much, everybody. >> reporter: the show was host bid a woman for the first time in 16 years, comedian chelsea
6:54 am
handler. >> the charming sophisticated cast of the jersey shore is here. no, no, no, no, no! don't applaud. they are eight reason mtv doesn't play your videos. lady gaga taking home eight of the coveted awards including video of the year presented to her by cher. >> thank you so much. i was so nervous for tonight that i would let my fans down. >> reporter: taylor swift might not have won but she did tell the world she forgives kanye west for that interruption of last year's vmas. >> reporter: kanye closed the show with an emotional response. ♪ i always find something wrong &&. here a recap of some of the night's big winners too. the best female rid i don't
6:55 am
went to lady gaga for bad romance. the best male rid i -- male rid video went to eminem. we have a state of the art preparedness lesson including how it help you, your family and your community. that is coming up next.
6:56 am
6:57 am
who will end the cronyism and bring our city together. vince gray. his economic development plan will help expand small businesses and create jobs.
6:58 am
his record of reform and accomplishments earned him the praise of newspapers across the city, citing gray's leadership and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens. he'll be a leader we can trust and the mayor we need for one city. good morning. welcome back to fox 5 morning news. i'm matt acland in for holly today. we are at the public safety and transportation operation center in fairfax county. ever wonder what takes place when you make that 911 call or report a traffic accident? well it comes here to chantilly. i also want to show you what happens if there is a big, wide-
6:59 am
scale emergency. we just went past the anniversary for 9/11. should there be another big emergency, maybe a hurricane, this entire place, this is where the central command comes from. we're pawking about -- talking about public officials, police officers and firefighters, it all comes right here. we'll talk about how you can volunteer if there is a big disaster in the future, what you need at your home and give you a great tour of this huge facility. that's throughout the morning. now back to you, sarah. >> thank you, matt acland. now let's turn things over to allison who is joining steve. good morning. >> good morning to you, sarah. coming up, we are one day out from primary elections in the district. voters claim they were given gift cards for their vote. we're live with reactions from the candidate. and a dog shot and


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